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Angel Foundation

In 1980, Bill Scott Jr. was honored to serve the family of a young child who had passed away.  When discussing arrangements, as all funeral arrangements do, the costs of handling services came up at the end.  And while the prices were minimum, it might have well been a fortune in the parents' eyes.  As many of us know, when raising children, every dollar goes to their needs, and extras aren’t always available.

After the arrangements were made, he promised to take care of the funeral home expenses and vowed to do the same for any family who may need our services for their child.  The Angel Foundation was born, and since then, we have helped countless families with the unexpected burden of planning services for their loving children.

Our funeral homes offer direct services, whether burial or cremation, at no cost to the family.  If they wish to have services at one of our homes, it is only the wholesale costs of goods or services that they will incur.  As a family-owned business, we feel every child deserves a dignified goodbye without having the grieving parents compromise because of our costs.

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